Compliance Management Services

Compliance management is one of the most important aspects of a business that the management of a company needs to monitor to keep a check on hefty fines and penalties and to ensure good corporate governance. Generally, all business organizations outsource their compliance-related work at a lump-sum fee agreed with the professional institution managing the same. Our standard package includes the following services w.r.t a Company:

  1. Drafting of notice, agenda, minutes and circulation proof with respect to meetings of Board of Directors, Committee Meeting of Directors & General Meetings of members;
  2. Maintenance of statutory registers and records as required under the provisions of Companies Act, 2013 and Secretarial Standards issued by Institute of Company Secretaries of India;
  3. Drafting of Board Report and filing of form MGT-7 & AOC-4;
  4. DIR-3 KYC of Directors, filing of form MSME-I, DPT-3 and such other form of routine nature as may be introduced by Ministry of Corporate Affairs from time to time and applicable on the Clients;
  5. Drafting of Director’s disclosure;
  6. Facilitating the transfer and transmission of shares/debentures;
  7. Drafting of documents & filing the forms with respect to appointment/cessation/ re-appointment of Directors and Key Managerial Personnel;
  8. Filing of forms with respect to creation, modification and satisfaction of charge;
  9. Certification of routine nature forms; and
  10. Consultancy of routine nature;
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