Trademark - Filing of Opposition

f you find that the mark which is already in use by your business is applied by anyone else and their application is open for the opposition in trademarks journal, you can file an opposition on the same. Once the opposition is filed, the other party will be required to file a counter reply within a period of 2 months. After receipt of the counter reply, you will be required to file evidence in support of opposition within a period of 2 months and the other party will file evidence in support of the application. If any one party does not file evidence, the opposition/ application may be presumed to be nullified, as the case may be. The hearing may be held after all the evidence is filed. 

Documents required 

  1.  Trademark application number against which opposition is required to be made. 
  2.  ID (PAN/Aadhar) and Address Proof (Driving License/ Utility Bill/Bank Statement) of the person filing opposition.
  3.  Email Id and Mobile Number. 
  4.  Grounds of opposition. 
  5.  Power of Attorney: A signed POA is required in favor of our registered trademark attorney or agent to allow us to file an opposition on your behalf. Once you make the payment and provide other documents, we will draft a POA and send it for your signatures. 
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