Compliance requirements for Nidhi Company

Following are the annual compliances applicable on Nidhi Companies under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013:

Compliance Requirement
Due Date

Form MBP- 1 (Notice of interest by the director)First Meeting of the Board of Directors in each Financial Year or whenever there is a change in his interest from the earlier given MBP-1.
Form DIR – 8 (Intimation by Director of Disqualification)Every Director of the Company in each Financial Year will file with the Company disclosure of non-disqualification.
Form MGT-7 (Annual Return)Within 60 days from the date of AGM.
Form AOC-4 (Financial Statement)To be filed within 30 days from the conclusion of AGM…on or before 30th October of the financial year.
Form MGT-8As an attachment to Form MGT-7.
Form DPT-3 (Return of Deposit)On or before 30th June every year.
Form DIR-3KYC (KYC of Directors)On or before 30th September every year.
Form MSME-1 (Delay in Payment to MSME Vendor)Companies have to file this return half-yearly in respect of pending payments to MSME vendors as at end of half-year. April to Sep – 30th October October to March – 30th April
Form NDH-1 (Return of Statutory Compliance)Within 90 from the close of the financial year, i.e., on or before 30th June of the financial year.
Form NDH-3 (Half Yearly Return)Within 30 days from the conclusion of each half-year.
For PAS-6 Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report (Half-yearly)Within sixty days from the conclusion of each half-year.
Maintenance of Statutory Registers and Records.Apart from filing various forms under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013, Companies are required to maintain statutory registers and records such as Register of Members, Register of Director & KMP, Register of Loans & investments, Board Report and Minutes of Meetings.
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